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Our Story

Max Santos founded his first restoration company at the age of 25, without much more than a small pickup truck full of tools.  Over  the next few years of self-motivated hard work, Max was able to gradually assemble a small team of skilled tradesmen, enabling him to take on larger restoration projects.  Max's first restoration company was called Acmil. He then branched off to make a general contracting company called Trisan General Contractors, which has grown into an industry leading company today. After facing countless obstacles and challenges, Max found himself frustrated by the lack of connection between the contractor and the supplier, resulting in his desire to create a fully integrated group of companies to facilitate the contractor's needs. Thus, MAXX North America Group Inc. was born.

At MAXX North America Group Inc., we pride ourselves on being fully equipped with the intricate skills it takes to provide only the highest quality services to our clients.  We have obtained the knowledge required to ensure our clients are provided with the most reliable results. At MAXX North America Group Inc., the idea of the construction industry as a community, is something we strongly value.  We don't see ourselves as competitors, but rather as comrades striving to enhance the success of fellow construction companies.  MAXX North America Group Inc. offers fully integrated construction services from equipment float and specialized heavy equipment to commercial and residential demolition, while maintaining our reputation of quality craftsmanship in our own new construction and restoration projects.  Our unparalleled expertise and proficiency are a direct result of our extensive involvement in the industry.  MAXX North America Group Inc. embodies a unique comprehension of and familiarity with the dynamic sphere of the commercial construction industry.

Check out our feature in Vision Magazine below!

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